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The U.S. Senate plans to vote this Wednesday, January 20th on H.R. 4038, “The American Security against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act,” a bill that would impede the most vulnerable refugees in finding a safe haven and a place to restart their new lives.
This bill was passed by the House of Representatives in November, so it is critical that it not pass the Senate.

H.R. 4038 establishes additional bureaucratic layers that would create insurmountable barriers to any Syrian or Iraqi refugee being considered for resettlement to the United States. The consequences would be devastating, particularly as refugees admitted through resettlement are already the most rigorously screened non-citizens allowed to enter the United States.

Help preserve resettlement as a lifesaving option for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Call your Senators now and urge them to vote NO on H.R. 4038 or any legislative efforts that would stop, pause, or defund the resettlement of Syrian or Iraqi refugees.

Please take action TODAY.
Call Your Senators: 1-866-940-2439

Tell your Senator’s office that as a constituent, you OPPOSE H.R. 4038 and any other legislative efforts that would stop, pause or defund the resettlement of Syrian or Iraqi refugees.
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Sample Script:

“I’m a constituent from [City, State] and I support refugees. I am opposed to H.R. 4038 and any bill that would stop or halt the resettlement of refugees based on their nationality or religion. I urge the Senator to represent me and other constituents who seek to welcome Syrian and Iraqi refugees.”

Though some cite concerns about refugees being a concern to national security, refugees are actually the most heavily screened individuals entering the United States. Here are some helpful points on the security process, but the most important point is your story and why your community wants to welcome Syrian and Iraqi refugees:

• The U.S. government handpicks the refugees who resettle here, and the U.S. resettlement process has the most rigorous screening process in the world.

• Refugees are the most thoroughly vetted people to come to the United States, undergoing interagency screenings by the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Department of Defense and multiple intelligence agencies, including biometric checks, forensic document testing, medical tests and in-person interviews.

• Continuing refugee resettlement while maintaining national security is not an either/or situation. The United States can continue to welcome refugees while also continuing to ensure national security. We can and must do both.



Don’t forget, you can also reach out to your Senator through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.
Ex. “@[Senator], our community is ready to welcome #Syrian and #Iraqi #refugees. #RefugeesWelcome!