Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2019: A Modern Way to Learn about Timeless Topics

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SURVIVORS is proud to be an official partner of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival. This year’s films –Anote’s Ark, Charm City, Roll Red Roll, TransMilitary, and the Unafraid – discuss issues such as restrictive immigration policies, climate change, urban violence, rape culture, and prejudice in the workplace.

The upcoming film festival will be a great opportunity for our donors, supporters, and community to learn more about the human toll of these critical problems through the eyes of people who are experiencing these issues at close quarters. The consequences of climate change, rape culture, transgender rights, and urban violence have been topics of discussion in the media for years, but we can all become desensitized or disengaged when we are overexposed and under informed on such deep issues. The film festival will allow us to view these issues through a fresh lens!

These subjects are complex and the film festival will be an informative and interesting way to understand the details of the topics better. The film festival will help not only answer questions and concerns about these global problems but also help revive the viewers’ interest in finding solutions. We, at SURVIVORS, are eager to attend the film festival and we hope to see you there.

You can learn more and purchase tickets at: