Join the Healing Society or Healing Trust

We would like to invite you to support neighbors who have survived torture by joining the Healing Trust or Healing Society, a group of caring people whose regular gifts to SURVIVORS show commitment to strengthening our community and ending suffering.

To join the Healing Trust, you would commit to giving monthly to SURVIVORS at a level of your choice.

To join the Healing Society, you would commit to giving $1,000 or more to SURVIVORS for each of five years.

Donations are always helpful and appreciated; however, a monthly or quarterly gift amount determined by each donor in the Healing Society and Healing Trust allows SURVIVORS to plan for quality services in advance.Here are just a couple reasons to join the Healing Society or Healing Trust today:

  • Healing Society and Healing Trust gifts create stability and sustainability. Your gifts contribute to more efficient planning for clients’ future needs and allow SURVIVORS to design specific programs and services that are needed by people in our community.
  • Healing Society and Healing Trust gifts allow us to respond quickly to emergency needs of clients in the San Diego area. While much of SURVIVORS’ funding is tied to grants, such funds must be used in prescribed ways. Your donations can be used to pay for emergency medical and dental services that aren’t covered by grants.

Join the Healing Society or Healing Trust today by calling us at (619) 278-2400 or filling out the form below.

 Download the Form

“I give to the Healing Trust because I like knowing that I am not just a donor but an integral part of a community that supports healing. I know the work that SURVIVORS does changes lives and it’s an organization I can trust. I never have to wonder if I’m doing my part. Giving to the Healing Trust is easy and makes a meaningful difference.”

Healing Trust Donor, October 2007