Provide Therapy

SURVIVORS recruits mental health professionals, physicians, and dentists on a volunteer or reduced fee schedule to help clients through their trauma.

To offer your professional services please contact our office at 619-278-2400. If you are a mental health professional, download and complete a contract psychotherapist application to e-mail, or simply fill out the form below.

All professional volunteers, once screened, must complete a W-9 form.

“I have often thought I should pay to do this work. Through my experience with SURVIVORS, I have witnessed both the best and worst of humankind. The depth of the trauma I have heard recounted in stories is surpassed by the strength and spirit I see in each survivor. Each client I have worked with has stretched my heart in ways that no other work has.”

SURVIVORS’ Therapist
Survivors of Torture, International (SURVIVORS) contracts with mental health professionals committed to SURVIVORS’ mission to “facilitate the healing of torture survivors and their families; educate professionals and the public about torture and its consequences; and advocate for the abolition of torture.”

These independent contractors are licensed mental health professionals as well as trainees with appropriate experience and supervision.

Contractors accept clients for clinical services on a case by case basis.  Referrals are made by the SURVIVORS’ clinical staff.  The services are:

Psychological evaluation in support of applicants for political asylum

Many torture survivors in the United States are seeking political asylum in order to be safe from return to the country where torture occurred.  Often, it is important to document the psychological consequences of torture as part of the case presented to immigration officers and judges.  SURVIVORS’ contracted mental health professionals who are licensed may accept these clients to conduct a clinical evaluation, prepare a written report for submission to the court, and, if indicated, appear in court to provide testimony about their findings.  Consultation with attorneys and SURVIVORS’ clinical staff supports contracted clinicians in this work.

Psychotherapy with survivors and their families

Many survivors and their families suffer severe mental and emotional consequences from the ordeal they have been through.  Individual, couple, family, or group therapy is often an important part of their efforts to recover and establish themselves in their new country.  Contracted clinicians accept clients for therapy through consultation with SURVIVORS’ clinical staff.

TRAINING AND CONSULTATION form an important part of the clinical work done with SURVIVORS.  Contracted clinicians can request to receive written materials and personal consultation to orient them to issues surrounding this work:  What is torture?  Why is it practiced in countries in the world?  How do survivors get to the United States and what are their needs once here?  What role do mental health professionals play in helping and healing survivors of torture and their families?

COMPENSATION for work done by contracted mental health professionals is funded by private donations and grants.  While modest, compensation is provided on an hourly basis for psychotherapy and on a per case basis for evaluations.