Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCDs) Made Easy!

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SURVIVORS has served over 3000 torture survivors in 22 years because of the generosity and charitable spirit of our donors, volunteers, and supporters. Recently, economists have been speculating that the new tax laws might adversely impact charitable giving. But charitable giving has never been simpler due to Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) and their ability to help meet philanthropic goals. What …

Helping Survivors Heal Fundraising Luncheon

Niki Kalmus

You are invited to join us at this free fundraising event for Survivors of Torture, International. Learn how Survivors of Torture, International is creating a safe haven for torture survivors, helping them to rebuild their lives, and building a welcoming community for all survivors.

Plastic Bottles Needed for Elementary Program

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SURVIVORS provides emotional support to refugees in San Diego schools through a program called the Refugee School Impact Grant. Elementary through high school students spend time after school doing activities, talking about their new lives, and playing sports. This month, the elementary school kids will be making “calm bottles,” shown below.  It’s a great tool to help children reduce feelings of …

Client Non-Perishable Food Wish List

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SURVIVORS’ clients have expressed much appreciation for the non-perishable food items available in our kitchen for the past few months. Some asylum seeking clients are here for long hours for a psychological or medical evaluation, many clients stay in the office between appointments and group therapy, and clients often come just to be in a place where they feel safe. They love having food …

Time to (Re)-Register Your Support for SURVIVORS at Ralphs!

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  SURVIVORS is registered with Ralphs’ Community Contribution Program. If you shop at Ralphs and you register as a supporter of SURVIVORS, Ralphs will contribute to the organization every time you make a purchase. It’s an easy way to help heal torture survivors and it doesn’t cost you a thing! If you’re already registered with Ralphs as a SURVIVORS supporter; …