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We Need Your Help! There is no way we could do the work that we do without the more than 300 volunteers and professional contractors who give their time and talents to our organization. Varying talents and expertise are needed to serve torture survivors.

To learn more, join us at our Journey to Healing Tour and learn how Survivors of Torture, International is creating a safe haven for torture survivors, helping them to rebuild their lives, and building a welcoming community for all survivors.

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How You Can Help

Interested in finding a way to contribute? There are numerous ways to offer support to Survivors of Torture, International. Here are some of the most common ways our volunteers help us in our mission:

Be an Ambassador

Survivors of Torture, International hosts twice-monthly introductions to the organization. Our organization is looking for passionate people to help invite guests to our tours. An ambassador has a goal of inviting 10 to 12 people each year. It is helpful for the ambassador to attend a Journey to Healing Tour first, but they do not need to attend with their guests.

Be an Interpreter

Our clients come to us from all over the geographic and linguistic map. They speak Acholi, Amharic, Chaldean (Aramaic), Dinka, Khmer, French, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and many other languages. Many survivors speak several languages fluently, but they need the skills of a trained and compassionate interpreter to lend them a voice in English.

Be a Befriender

Part of our rehabilitation program is the Friendship Circle, whereby our clinical staff match concerned San Diegans (Befrienders) with torture survivors (Friends). The goals of this project are to promote friendship and social support between torture survivors and members of the community, to minimize isolation, and to increase the functioning of torture survivors.

Be a Driver

Volunteer drivers provide rides for our clients who can’t drive or lack the funds or ability to use public transportation. This program allows clients to keep essential appointments for counseling, medical care, and other services.

Be a Healer

We recruit mental health professionals, physicians, dentists, massage therapists, and acupuncturists on a volunteer or reduced fee schedule to help clients through their trauma. Contact us to learn more.

Be an Advocate

Help support important legislation protects victims of torture and helps work to abolish torture.

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Looking for an Internship?

We’re proud to partner with local universities to offer internships for students. Internships include some of the volunteer areas listed above as well as additional disciplines like online media and marketing. Please contact your university to learn how to apply as an intern.

Invite Us as a Speaker

We regularly speak in front of classrooms, television audiences, radio audiences, and other opportunities where our expertise can spread knowledge and awareness.

SURVIVORS’ executive director Kathi Anderson is available to speak on a variety of topics related to torture and torture treatment. To arrange an interview or to find out more information about SURVIVORS’ events or programs, please contact us by phone at (619) 278-2400 or via email at survivors@notorture.org