Survivors of Torture, International

was formed in 1997 by a passionate group of people who saw torture survivors were marginalized and unable to access the services they needed to heal and thrive.

SURVIVORS ensures that torture survivors receive expert care and services from dedicated professionals and community supporters including mental health, psychiatry, social services, and medical case management.


We empower torture survivors to reclaim the strength and vitality that was stolen from them by brutal dictators, governments, and unchecked gangs.


We provide specialized care at our healing center to help survivors heal and can become self-sufficient and healthy members of their families and communities.


We have grown to serve thousands of survivors throughout San Diego. We have decades of expertise and are a leading voice in the torture treatment movement.

SURVIVORS By The Numbers

“SURVIVORS is exactly where broken souls can be healed. The place where I found my long gone home and started a new life. I am very grateful for their services and support.”

– Survivor who wishes to remain anonymous

Work with us
If you are talented and passionate about human rights then SURVIVORS wants to hear from you.

Survivors of Torture, International • 3990 Old Town Ave Suite C201 San Diego, CA 92110 • [email protected]619-278-2400
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9AM - 7PM